The Wheels on the Bus Bath

I transformed our bath into a bus the other day for a fun, The Wheels on the Bus themed bath.  Both my girls love that song and LOVED this fun bath!  Right after I had the tub transformed my camera died so I only caught a few shots.  I was totally bummed but still wanted to share this fun bath activity with you and feel the couple photos I did get are enough to illustrate the idea.

The Wheels on the Bus - Bath Turned Bus

The Wheels on the Bus

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I set this activity up very much like I did the bath turned race car activity.  I used yellow wrapping paper instead of  a plastic tablecloth this time only because that was what I had on hand.  It worked well but the plastic tablecloth was easier to work with for sure.  I repurposed all the cut outs used for the race car (details can be found here) and used blue craft foam rectangles for our windows.

The Wheels on the Bus

At first the girls just hopped in and played.  This was a great way to keep them entertained on a rainy day.  They took turns driving the bus and loved honking the horn.  Lots of pretend play ensued.  They picked up students and of course, sang The Wheels on the Bus over and over!

The Wheels on the Bus

Then I filled the tub with water and the girls continued to splash and play, all while getting clean!

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     kids boating bath time fun

Crystal Underwood

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