Play with Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are so fun!  There are TONS of ways to play with them OUT of the pool, and they are so inexpensive, making them a great toy for kids!  We have played with pool noodles in so many ways, and have many more pool noodle play times to come this Summer, too.  Here I have collected 20 FUN ways to use these noodles, some from us as well as some great ideas from others!

20 Ways to PLAY with Pool Noodles

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Use your Noodle to:

Make a Pool Noodle Water Wall  Bath Activities for Kids

ways to play with pool noodles

Pool Noodle Stamping  Growing a Jeweled Rose
Make a Bike Car Wash  Lullaby Lullock

pool noodles

Make Light Sabers  In Lieu of Preschool
Painting with Pool Noodles  Train Up a Child
Make Spring Flowers  Growing a Jeweled Rose
pool Noodle Ring Toss  Growing a Jeweled Rose

ways to play with pool noodles

Make a Marble Run  Kid Spot
Make a Race Track  Ramblings from Utopia
Build with Pool Noodles  Bath Activities for Kids

pool noodle play

Make a Bowling Lane  Sophie's World
Backyard Pool Noodle Croquet  Inner Child Fun

pool noodles

Pool Noodle Floating Sculptures  The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Make Basketball Hoops  Bath Activities for Kids
Pool Noodle Pit  Bath Activities for Kids

play with pool noodles

Make Beads for Threading & Creating  Little Sprinkles of Fun
Noodle Balloon Ball   Parents

pool noodles

Pool Noodle Pencil  Crafty Biggers
Making Robots with Pool Noodles  Train Up a Child
Pool Noodle Obstacle Course  Train Up a Child

play with pool noodles

Pool Noodle Play

There are TONS more ways to play with pool noodles too!  We will be sharing many more FUN ways to use your noodle this Summer.  Connect to our Pinterest boards so you don't miss the fun.

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