Friday, April 12, 2013

Kool-aid Science for Kids

We have shared quite a few kool-aid Science activities for kids, but today's is one of our favorites!

Color Mixing Kool-aid Science

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Rosie LOVES Science, and it is no surprise as it is TONS of fun when approached in a playful way.  This week we are sharing one of our favorite activities- color mixing with kool-aid eruptions.   All you need for this activity is kool-aid packets in varying colors,  baking soda, and vinegar.

science for kids

To make our erupting color science we filled a tray with baking soda.  Then we added two different kool-aid colors on top, using different colors for each concoction.  Be sure to have the two colors overlap a little in the middle.


Once the baking soda and kool-aid were laid out the girls would pour vinegar onto the tray to see color mixing science right before their eyes

kool-aid science for kids

Red + blue mixed to make purple

I loved how the girls could see both colors separately, and also see them coming together to make the mixed color.  I think this is a great way to teach the concept of color mixing to small children!

Red + Yellow mixed to make Orange

science for kids

kool-aid science for kids

Blue + yellow mixed to make green

science for kids

After we explored color mixing we made a kool-aid rainbow similar to the magic appearing rainbow we shared before.


This was the girls favorite kool-aid eruption of course!

The girls continued to mix, concoct, play and explore long after the color mixing lesson was over

kool-aid science for kids

Kool-aid eruptions really are a favorite here!  This is a great go-to activity any day the kids are in need of some quick fun.  It is frugal and kids never tire of the amazingly colorful and scented eruptions!

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