Friday, April 12, 2013

Kool-aid Science for Kids

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We have shared quite a few kool-aid Science activities for kids, but today's is one of our favorites!
Exploring color mixing with Kool-aid Science

It's time for more Wash and Learn FUN with Train Up a ChildIn Lieu of Preschool, and Bath Activities for Kids.  This week on  Bath Activities for Kids we are sharing more fun Science.  Rosie LOVES Science and it is no surprise as it is TONS of fun when approached in a playful way.

This week we are sharing one of our favorite activities- color mixing with
kool-aid eruptions.   All you need for this activity is kool-aid packets in varying colors,  baking soda, and vinegar.

science for kids

To make our erupting color science, we added baking soda and two different kool-aid colors to a tray, using different colors for each concoction.  Be sure to have the two colors overlap a little in the middle.


Once the baking soda and kool-aid were laid out,  the girls would pour the vinegar onto the tray to see color mixing science right before their eyes

kool-aid science for kids

Red + blue mix to make purple

I loved how the girls could see both colors separately, and also see them coming together to make the mixed color.  I think this is a great way to teach the concept of color mixing to small children!

Red + Yellow to make Orange

science for kids

kool-aid science for kids

Blue + Yellow to make Green

science for kids

After we explored color mixing we made a kool-aid rainbow similar to the magic appearing rainbow we shared before.


This was the girls favorite kool-aid eruption of course!

The girls continued to mix, concoct, play and explore long after the color mixing lesson was over

kool-aid science for kids

Kool-aid eruptions really are a favorite here!  This is a great go to activity any day the kids are in need of some quick fun.  It is frugal and kids never tire of the amazingly colorful and scented eruptions!

Kool-aid Science

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Kool-aid Color Mixing 
Science Experiment for Kids
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