Balloon Experiments for Kids

What kid doesn't love balloons?  Combine them with a few simple Science experiments to create ULTIMATE balloon Science fun!

Balloon Experiments for Kids
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It's time for more Wash and Learn FUN with Train Up a ChildIn Lieu of Preschool, and Bath Activities for Kids.  When you make Science fun kids just can't get enough if it, so we went with a Science theme again this week!  This week I set up a balloon experiments bath with 5 fun experiments!  These balloon experiments have
been some of Rosie's favorites that we have done so far!

To set the theme I filled the tub with heaps of balloons

Balloon Experiments for Kids

I had all the materials needed for our experiments within arms reach of the tub.

Balloon Experiment #1- Balloon Rockets
Balloon Rockets

Have you ever tried balloon rockets?  This is such a simple experiment to set up and Rosie LOVED it!  She giggled hysterically each time the balloon took off!

Balloon Experiments for Kids

Setting this up in the bath is a super simple way to make bath time tons of fun too!  

For bath time balloon rockets you will need:
  • Balloons
  • Fishing line or similar string
  • A straw
  • Tape

Thread your straw onto the string.  Once the straw is in place, tightly secure your string from one wall of the tub to the other using a strong tape.  Then add a piece of tape to the straw, sticky side exposed.  This will be used for securing the balloon.

Balloon Experiments for Kids

Blow up a balloon or have your child do it if they are old enough.  Do not tie it closed.  Attach it to the straw using the tape, holding the balloon opening tightly with your fingers so the air doesn't leak out.  

Balloon Experiments for Kids

Pull the straw back to the end of your launch line and watch it FLY!

Balloon Experiments for Kids

I can not express how much Rosie loved this!  We did it over and over!  Once we were done with this bath I tucked the string set up in a drawer to pull out for future bath times.  Talk about a simple and fun homemade bath toy!

Experiment #2- Balloon in a Bottle
Balloon in a bottle experiment

All you need for this experiment is a balloon and a bottle.  Place a balloon in a bottle and have your child try to blow up the balloon.

Balloon Experiments for Kids

It is impossible no matter how hard you try.  Really, give it a try for yourself and see.  However, if you poke the tiniest hole in the bottom of the bottle you can easily blow up the balloon.  

Balloon Experiments for Kids

I used a thumb tack to make the hole in the bottle. You can trick your child and use two bottles, one with a hole and one without.  I didn't do that but we did try this experiment using several different sized bottles.  One interesting discovery was that we could blow the balloon more easily in the smaller bottle, the opposite of what I was expecting.

To add more Science to your play ask why the bottle with the hole makes blowing up the balloon possible?  The answer and more Science behind the fun can be found here.

Experiment # 3 - Balloon Fire Experiment
Balloon fire experiment

For this balloon experiment all you need are balloons, a candle, and water.  Blow up a balloon and hold it over the flame of a candle, using caution of course.  What happens?

Balloon Experiments for Kids

It pops almost immediately.  In the next balloon add a bit of water before blowing it up.  Then hold the balloon over the candle where the water is.  What happens?

Balloon Experiments for Kids

It doesn't pop, and if you hold the balloon over the flame long enough you can actually boil the water in the balloon!  Why?  Water is a great conductor of heat and actually pulls the heat from the latex. More on the science behind the fun can be found in this fire water balloon video by Steve Spangler.

Experiment #4- Balloon Blow Up Science
Balloon Experiments for Kids

This balloon blow up experiment is one I first saw on Mom to Posh Lil Divas, and I have since seen it everywhere! Now I know why.  It is SO FUN!  This experiment includes baking soda and vinegar which is one of our very favorite ways to play!

For the balloon blow up experiment you will need:
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Balloons
  • An empty bottle

Fill an empty bottle 1/3 way with vinegar.  Then take a balloon and fill it with a bit of baking soda before blowing it up.  So that Rosie could be hands on with this we used a funnel.

Balloon Experiments for Kids

Once the baking soda is in the balloon, carefully secure it to the bottle without emptying the balloon.  Then, when your child is ready, have them flip it!

Balloon Experiments for Kids

The reaction of the vinegar and baking soda blows up the balloon! Way too fun!

Extend this experiment- add varying amounts of baking soda and vinegar.  Change one variable at a time and  observe the results.  Make hypothesis  with each change.  Can you blow up a balloon big enough to pop it?   We tried and weren't able to yet but we will keep trying for sure!  This experiment is way too fun to do just once!

So, what do you think the last balloon experiment was?  Check back with us to see!

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