Glowing Recipes- Glow Dough

I have been having lots of fun coming up with glowing recipes and bath safe sensory recipes.  While none of the recipes are limited to bath time play, it is nice to have materials that can be played with safely at bath, wash straight down the drain and leave zero mess behind!  This next bath safe sensory material is special in that it also GLOWS!

Glowing Recipes for Play- GLOW Dough
Glowing recipes

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This GLOW Dough is made a lot like the Dirt dough and Ice Cream Doughs we recently shared.  You only need two ingredients plus water, making this quite a frugal glow recipe too!

To Make GLOW Dough you will need:
  • Baking soda
  • Fluorescent paint or glow in the dark paint
  • Water

In a container slowly add water and a bit of the paint of your choice to the baking soda.  We use this fluorescent paint to make our dough GLOW under black light and this glow in the dark paint to make our dough glow in the dark.  Be sure to slowly add the water so that you don't add too much.  Too much water will result in a dough that won't hold it's mold.  Another tip- to make mixing even easier mix a bit of the glowing paint directly into a bit of very warm water and then slowly add the glowing water to the baking soda.

Adding the water and paint

glowing recipes

Mixing it in

glowing recipes


glowing dough

Glowing dough is moldable and can be used in so many ways!

You can make GLOW Dough in every color of the rainbow too!  So far we have made green, blue, and orange.

Glowing Dough

We have already found TONS of ways to explore and play with these glowing dough recipes!  I am so excited to share what we have come up with!  Be sure to check back with us so you don't miss the fun!

Also pop over to my sister site to see the GLOWING Rainbow Goop we are sharing today!

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