Indoor Snow Day for Kids

Snow is so fun and magical when you are a child, and Rosie is at such a fun age for snowy weather.  It has hardly snowed here though, so we have had to come up with creative ways for the girls to get to play in the snow this Winter.  We had a melting snowman bath, a Frosty the Snowman Bath, and now I created yet another indoor snow day for the girls, this time with a bath safe sensory snow.

Snow Play in the Bath
Set Up an Indoor Snow Day for Kids

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Unlike the other snow themed baths we have done, for this one I created an actual sensory snow for Rosie and Jewel to play with!  This bath snow is super simple to make and 100% tub safe!  All you need is baking soda and water.  That's it!  To make the bath snow slowly add water to the desired amount of baking soda until it is mold-able and damp but not too wet.  If you accidentally add tooo much water just add more baking soda.  Then pop the snow in the freezer for half an hour or longer before it's time to play.  This makes the snow cold and crunchy JUST LIKE REAL SNOW!

snow recipe

This homemade snow feels so amazingly real!  It is 100% tub safe, too!   Baking soda quickly dissolves in water meaning it won't clog your drains and will actually clean them!  Baking soda is also great for skin and gives kids bath water a therapeutic attribute.

The girls loved exploring the cold white fluffy snow!

Homemade ONE ingredient snow for kids- feels so real!!
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They loved making snow balls and throwing them at each other, too! 

For this bath I also set up a little Science fun for the girls.  We made a Snow Storm in a Jar.

Snow storm in a jar

To make a Snow Storm in a Jar you will need:
  • Baby Oil
  • Iridescent Snow Flakes or Glitter
  • Water
  • Alka Seltzer 
  • A jar, vase, or similar 
Fill the container 3/4 with baby oil and 1/4 with water.  Add as much iridescent snow as you desire.  We purchased our snow from Walmart, but they also have it at most craft stores.  Once the snow settles at the bottom of the jar add alka seltzer tablets.  We purchase generic alka seltzer at Walmart for under $3.   You can break them in four and add a piece at a time or add more  for a bigger snow storm.

Given the snowy white color of all the materials and the shine of the glass the snow storm effect was hard to capture with the camera, but it was BEAUTIFUL!  

The girls also loved splashing around in the snowy water.  To make it I added a few drops of blue food coloring to the bath water along with imitation snowflakes and buffalo snow.

We finished our indoor snow play off by taking whatever snow was left and using it for a little magic snow ball play.  Since the snow is made of baking soda it is MAGIC when placed in vinegar!


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While I am still keeping my fingers crossed for one BIG snowfall this Winter, Snow Play in the Bath sure does make a FUN alternative!

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Crystal Underwood

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