Pretend Lemonade Stand Activity

Rosie has really been loving the pretend play baths we have been doing lately.  She especially loved the Ice Cream Parlor and Birthday Cake Bath so I thought it would be fun to set up another fun pretend cooking type bath.

Pretend Lemonade Stand Activity for Kids
Lemonade stand
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This lemonade Stand can easily be set up out of the bath if you prefer.  I love bath play like this because all the mess is contained and so many sensory elements can be added which really facilitates Rosie's pretend play.  I set this up using items we already had around our home.  You could set up a similar pretend lemonade stand using the items you have on hand.

What we used to set up our Lemonade Stand:
  • Kitchen gadgets- water pitcher, hand held juicer, stirring spoons
  • Lemons
  • One lemonade Kool-aid Packet
  • Cups
  • Decorations

As I filled the tub I added a smidge of green food coloring to get a very pale green color.  I decorated the tub using lemonade stand decor I got at Target on clearance at the end of last Summer- a tablecloth, sign, and banner.  You could use any decorations you want for your lemonade stand or keep an eye out at Target this upcoming season.  The decor was very inexpensive.  I was able to save our decor for future play times this Summer too since it is all water proof.

pretend lemonade stand

I had all the play items sitting out for Rosie when she walked in.  She was so excited!

lemonade stand

First we explored all the materials.  Then Rosie had a blast making lemonade!

lemonade stand

This activity was FILLED with sensory exploration!
lemonade stand

It was very hands on and there were lots of learning opportunities too!

lemonade stand

 Rosie had so much fun making lemonade in her pretend lemonade stand

lemonade stand

Pretend Lemonade Stand

Once she was done preparing the lemonade she had lots of fun serving it up!

lemonade stand

We used water from the sink to make the lemonade so we could actually drink it.  All that went into our lemonade was lemons, one packet of Kool-aid, and water.   It actually tasted pretty good considering we didn't add sugar!  Rosie LOVED it!

lemonade stand

After Rosie had her fun we brought Jewel in to play!  She had a lot of fun exploring all the elements of the bath too!

pretend lemonade stand

This Pretend Lemonade Stand was  so much fun!  
We will definitely be setting up a similar play time outside this Summer!

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