Glowing Water for Kids

One of the very first baths we ever shared was a GLOWING Outer Space Bath.  Lots of parents loved the idea of making their kids bath water GLOW.  However, some were a bit hesitant about putting highlighter in their child's bath.  Today's glowing bath is a great alternative to the highlighter water!

GLOWING Bath Water WITHOUT Highlighters

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I was so excited when I discovered a NEW way to make glowing bath water.  This new method does not use highlighters.  Instead we used non-toxic activity paint which is meant to be played with by children.  It is 100% safe for them though you still do not want to let them drink it.  We first made this new glow water to use in arts, crafts, and play.  I was so excited when we tried it in the bath and it worked!

All you have to do is add the fluorescent or glow in the dark paint of your choice to very warm or hot water in a bowl.  We love using fluorescent paint which does require a black light for the effect but they are very inexpensive.  Mix until the paint dissolves into the water and then add that to the bath as you fill the tub.  We themed our bath to St. Patrick's Day since it is right around the corner.

Magic GLOWING Shamrock Bath

After I added the paint water to the bath water I threw in shamrocks, gold coins, and a couple green glow sticks purchased from The Dollar Tree.  Then I made a glowing rainbow of paint so the girls could paint glowing rainbows. We use these paints

The girls had lots of fun splashing around in the magic glowing shamrock water

And they loved painting glowing rainbows too!

Another great thing about this NEW glow water recipe is that you can make a rainbow of glowing baths for the kids.  I can't wait to make a pink glow bath for Jewel and Rosie!

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Glowing Rainbow Water  Glowing water

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