Birthday Cake Bath

birthday cake
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A FUN way for kids to celebrate!

Rosie turned three last weekend and we celebrated all week long!  One of Rosie's favorite birthday activities was making her own pretend birthday cake.  I set up a birthday bakery in the bath to allow for easy clean up but you could set this activity up out of the bath if you prefer.

Birthday cake bath

I filled the tub with water and added a drop of vanilla extract to make the bath smell just like birthday cake.  Then I sprinkled confetti in the water and all over the tub.  We use a mesh bath strainer to keep the confetti from going down the drain.  I also hung some birthday decorations.  They were purchased from The Dollar Tree so I was not worried about them getting wet.

I gathered all the ingredients Rosie would need to make a pretend birthday cake- a pie pan, kitchen gadgets, and a birthday sensory dough.

I made our birthday dough using our clean mud recipe only I added confetti and a few drops of vanilla extract.  It was the perfect dough for making birthday cake.

birthday dough

I made icing for Rosie to use by mixing shaving cream, food coloring, and Duncan Hines Frosting Powder in a bowl.  Frosting powder can be found in the baking aisle for under $1 and smells amazing!  Once the icings were mixed I put them in zip lock bags so Rosie could pipe the icings onto her cake.

Rosie had a blast making her very own birthday cake!

Birthday Cake

birthday cake play

birthday cake pretend play

I also gave her confetti eggs to use which are always LOTS of fun!
Birthday cake

Once she was done I lit the candle and we sang happy birthday before she made a wish.  

birthday cake

This was such a fun way to further celebrate Rosie's third birthday!

birthday cake play


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