Weather Experiments Bath

This week's learning theme is Sea and Sky!
weather experiments for kids

This bath was such a fun way to explore and learn about the weather!  With science experiments, sensory clouds, and sunshine paint, it was packed with fun activities!

For this bath I dyed the water using blue food coloring to act as our sky.  Then I used shaving cream to make beautiful floating cloud peaks on the waters surface.  I took the weather bath stickers we made for our first weather bath and stuck them all along the walls. 

I also set up a few weather based science experiments for Rosie to explore.  

Rosie loved the shaving cream sensory clouds

The shaving cream slowly mixed into the water, creating an array of sensory experiences.

Rosie's favorite part of the bath was the experiments.  She loved the tornado in a jar experiment.  

To make a tornado in a jar you will need:
~  A jar
~  water
~  a squirt of dish soap
~  one teaspoon of vinegar
~  food coloring and glitter are optional
Fill the jar with water.  We used an empty peanut butter jar.  Then add the vinegar and dish soap.  You can also add food coloring and glitter to make it more fun but it isn't necessary.  Place the lid on the jar and have your child swirl the jar, moving it from side to side.  Then watch the tornado swirl in the jar.
Pretty cool weather Science!  

For the second experiment we made rain clouds

To make rain clouds you will need:

~  Shaving cream
~  Food coloring
~  a clear container or jar
Fill a clear container 3/4 of the way with water.  Then add shaving cream to the top to act as your clouds.  In a separate small cup or dish have your child mix a few drops of food coloring into water.  Then give them a dropper and have them drop the colored water onto their clouds.

Then watch the rainfall 

This is a fantastic way to teach children about rain and how the clouds fill with water.  
It is also just lots of fun!  Rosie LOVED it!

After we made rain clouds I gave Rosie a strainer so she could make her own rain in the bath

This was a great way to reinforce the Science of rain.  The strainer fills with water and then the rain falls.

I had also whipped up a batch of sunshine paint which Rosie loved!  She had lots of fun painting sunshine all over the bath once we were done with the experiments.

You make sunshine paint similar to all our other bath paints we have made only using citrus essential oil or extract, yellow or orange food coloring, and shaving cream.  Glitter is optional but definitely adds to the sunshine fun!

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