Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids
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Set up an Ice Cream Parlor for hours of fun on a rainy day!

While I set this up in the bath you could easily recreate this out of the bath!  Rosie had so much fun with this Ice Cream Parlor!  It began as a bath but Rosie wanted to play for so long I drained the tub.  She played for over an hour, making all sorts of ice creams, sundaes, and even cakes and pies!

To set up our ice cream parlor I added a few drops of pink food coloring to the water as I filled the tub.  I also added confetti and a few drops of vanilla extract to make the bath smell just like ice cream.
Ice Cream Parlor for Kids
We use a mesh strainer to catch things like confetti from going down the drain

We used craft foam purchased from Michaels for $1 a sheet to make ice cream cones.   Craft foam magically sticks to bath surfaces when wet, making fabulous bath stickers.  The rest of the materials we had on hand.  You could set up a very similar bath using what you have.  The materials may be a little different but the fun will all be the same!

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

You can re-purpose a few ice cream containers for this too!  Just save one and wash it out the next time you finish a container or use this bath as an excuse to indulge and buy some ice cream.  I gave Rosie an ice cream scoop, bowls, confetti filled eggs, and homemade bath salts for toppings.  I also whipped up some ice cream doughs for her!

Ice Cream Dough

 I let Rosie pick her ice cream flavors prior to the bath.  She picked a few Kool-aid flavors and one Duncan Hines Frosting Powder.  I am calling this sensory material ice cream dough here for obvious reasons but we have used this base recipe to create all sorts of doughs and sensory materials.   Kool-aid is cheaper than the frosting powder so we will be making kool-aid dough for all sorts of fun and saving the frostings for special times when it really fits the play theme.  

Kool-aid play

You can slightly alter the recipe to suit your playtimes.  Simply add varying spices,  frosting powder, or extract instead of Kool-aid to make all sorts of doughs, all using this base recipe.  While the frosting powders are a little more expensive than Kool-aid they do offer fun flavors which can all be found here.

To make ice cream dough you will need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Kool-aid, frosting powder, spice, or extract of your choice
  • Food coloring if extra color is desired

Add one Kool-aid packet (or the scent of your choice) to the baking soda and mix in a bowl.  Then slowly add water and mix.  Continue to slowly add water until you have a slightly damp, moldable dough.  Too much water and the baking soda will be too liquidy and not right.  

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

If desired, pop it in the fridge to make it cold just like REAL ice cream!

Note- Ice cream dough is 100% tub safe as baking soda quickly dissolves in water.  It won't clog your drains and actually cleans them!

Rosie had so much fun serving up ice cream cones!

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

and making sundaes

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

The confetti made wonderful sprinkles and so did the bath salts

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

Rosie also asked to make cupcakes.  This new sensory dough is great for that too!

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

At the very end of this playtime I surprised Rosie with some MAGIC!

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

Rosie was enthralled!

All of the sensory doughs made using baking soda are MAGIC!  We have also used a slightly modified version of this recipe to make erupting snow, MAGIC Mud for magic mud pies, and dirt for our gardening bath.

snow recipe

for dinosaur small world play, magic mud pies, and MORE!

Gardening Bath
for mud pies, construction play, gardening, and more!

We also made MAGIC Treasure Rocks with this simple recipe!
Magic Treasure Rocks

Lots more fun is on the way too!

Rosie had so much fun in her ice cream parlor!
  It was a rainy day and this was a great way to keep her entertained!

Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

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