Glowing Space Ice Play

Ice - glowing ice
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Not too long ago I whipped up a batch of GLOWING Space Ice for the girls to play with and explore.  They loved ice play last Summer so I have been continuing the ice activities indoors this Winter.

To make GLOWING Space Ice you will need:

~  Tonic Water
~  Glowing Space starts and shapes (we get ours from The Dollar Tree)
~   A muffin tin

Fill the muffin tin slots with tonic water.  Toss in space shapes and stars.   Then freeze.  That's it!  You do need a blacklight for the space ice to GLOW!  We got ours at Walmart for $10 and have found all sorts of fun ways to use it during play.

Once the space ice was ready, I filled the tub with water and tossed in a few glow sticks purchased from The Dollar Tree and the rest of the space stars.  Then...... it was time to explore!

glowing ice play and bath

Both girls loved exploring the GLOWING ICE!

Glowing ice

The girls loved watching the tonic ice melt into the bath water.  You could literally see the glowing water swirling! It was very cosmic.

Ice - glowing ice

This super simple bath time was LOTS of FUN!


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