Color Splash Bubble Bath

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This bath was so simple to set up and was ULTIMATE bath time FUN!

To create a color splash bubble bath all you need is powdered tempera paint and a tub full of bubbles.  If you don't have powdered paint you can also use sidewalk chalk.  Just place the chalk in a zip-lock bag and crush it up using a hammer or similar object.  Note- there are a ton of ways to use powdered tempera paint in play so it is worth the investment if you love creating lots of fun activities for kids.  We have these powdered tempera paints.

After I filled the tub with heaps of bubbles I sprinkled our powdered paints on the bubbles surface.  This was instantly beautiful and only got more beautiful as the girl played.

color mixing
Color Mixing Art and Sensory Fun

This bath was so simple to set up and was SO MUCH FUN for the girls!  
color mixing
This was a great way to explore color theory and mixing!

As the girls played and splashed the colors blended and swirled together
color mixing

This bath was also full of sensory exploration.   The powdered paint, bubbles,  and water blended to create a floating silky sensory material that was lots of fun to touch and explore.

Jewel was in awe from the swirling colors

As the girls splashed and played the paints continued to blend and eventually we were left with a dark red water.  Once that happened we moved on to explore color mixing using powdered paint and shaving cream.
color mixing

For each "magic paint" we made  I filled a small bowl with shaving cream and then added powdered tempera paint to the surface.  I chose colors that would blend to create a new color and "magically change" while being played with.

Rosie LOVED this!

Red + Blue= Purple

Blue+ Yellow= Green

 The green wasn't quite as bright as I wanted so I added a couple drops of food coloring.  You could just as easily use food coloring to make magic paints.  Just add a few drops of two colors- slowly mix, and watch the colors swirl and transform to create a new color!

This bath time was full of sensory and art exploration!  Rosie and Jewel had so much fun and I even think Rosie understood a little of the color theory we talked about as she played.... though the biggest thing she saw was all the magic happening right before her eyes!

Note- all mess washed right down the drain.  If you ever have any residual coloring fill a spray bottle with bleach and it will take it right out!  Visit our tips and tricks page for more cleaning tips.

Other ways to play with powdered tempera paint:

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