Bath Salts

Yesterday we shared bath sandthe first in a new series of tub time sensory recipes.  Bath sand is 100% tub safe and feels grainy just like real sand.  We used homemade bath salts to make the bath sand.  Today's post is all about the bath salts and how to make your own.
Make Your Own Bath Salts
Bath Salts
Simple to make- so many ways to PLAY!

Bath salts make a fantastic bath time sensory material.  They naturally dissolve in water so they won't clog your drain and you can color and scent them any way you wish.  They are a lot like rice, beans, and many of the sensory materials we use out of the tub only they are perfect for bath time!  Not only that but bath salts are a great homemade gift for kids to make too!

Some ways to play: Kids can scoop and pour them, use them to color and scent their bath water, and use them as part of many other sensory recipes, like our bath sand.  Later today we are sharing an Alphabet Soup Bath where Rosie used them as spices and seasonings for her soup.  That is just one of many ideas we have lined up using these easy to make bath salts.  So how do you make them?  
To make bath salts you will need:
  • Sea salt or Epson salt (they have both at the Dollar Tree)
  • Food Coloring (if color is desired)
  • Fragrance (essential oil, perfume, cologne, extract)

All you need to do to make bath salts is fill a container with the plain white salt of your choice.  Then add whatever color and scent you desire.
Bath Salts

Once mixed lay them out to dry and that's it!

Making the bath salts is an activity in itself for kids.  It is one filled with sensory exploration too!
Bath Salts

Rosie and I made an array of bath salts.  We used green food coloring and eucalyptus essential oil to make soothing bath salts for when the girls are sick.  We used blue food coloring and ocean breeze scent to make ocean salts.

Bath Salts

These would be fabulous in an Ocean Themed Bath!

We used purple food coloring and lavender to make calming bath salts perfect for right before bed.
Bath Salts

We made many others as well.  Rosie's favorite is the chocolate bath salt.

Chocolate bath salts

It's mommy's favorite too!  To make our chocolate bath salts I used chocolate extract because I already had some on hand and it colored the salts without the need for food coloring.  However, you could also use chocolate essential oil and brown food coloring or even skip the coloring.  These chocolate salts are utterly delightful either way.

Not only are bath salts fantastic for bath time sensory play and exploration but they also make a fabulous homemade gift!

Bath Salts

I know Rosie and Jewel's grandma would love some of their homemade bath salts.  
We even made some just for mommy using the last bit of my favorite perfume.  This extends my perfume a bit which is fantastic because it is expensive and I am not running out to but more right away.  Now I can indulge in my favorite scent many more times before buying more!

Easy to make bath salts- ENDLESS ways to PLAY!

We have many tub time sensory recipes coming up that we are very excited to share.  

Crystal Underwood

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