Kids Bath Activities from A to Z

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This is the ULTIMATE resource for bath time fun!
Over 100 Baths from A to Z!
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Simple & Colorful Bubble Baths with therapeutic healing
Rain Forest Sensory Bath with soothing Eucalyptus



Developing the Arts

Early Learning



Holiday's- at least one bath for each

Frosty the Snowman Bath


Keeping Messy Play Clean

My Favorites

Ocean Themed Sensory Bath with seaweed pasta

Plain & Simple

Questions Frequently Asked

Does it stain?  This is the question I get asked most often- almost daily in fact.  Only a few times have we ever had a problem with coloring left behind from a few of the activities.  All it took was a spray bottle of bleach and a sponge and all coloring has always come right off.  We have NEVER had a problem with permanent staining!  For more cleaning tips visit our tips and tricks page.

How do you have time to create these baths?  While there are lots of simple ways to make bath time fun I do go all out for many of these baths.  It is a hobby and creative outlet for me.  Just as with any hobby I use my down time.  I wait until my husband is home to watch the girls while I set up the more extravagant baths.  We also reserve those super baths for once a week and stick to more simple bath play the rest of the time

Regular Old Fashioned Fun

Safety - Always stay within an arms reach of your children when they are in the bath.  Children can die in just a few inches of water in a matter of 20 seconds.  Please gauge all activities to the comfort and readiness of your individual child.

Tips & Tricks- visit our tips and tricks page for lots of helpful bath time information   From what works to what doesn't, we have surely learned a few things along the way.



100+ Baths from A to Z



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