Melting Snowman Bath

Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with this Winter themed bath!  It was a great way to keep them occupied on a long day inside, too!

Melting Snowman Bath for Kids
Melting Snowman Bath for Kids

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Rosie has been getting very impatient as we wait for snowfall, so we have been coming up with other ways to play "in the snow".  The bath is a great place to set up fun play for kids!  All the mess is contained and easy to clean after play time is over.

This bath was lots of fun and only took me a few minutes to set up.   As I filled the tub with water  I added a few drops of neon blue food coloring to make the bath water wintry blue.  Food coloring does not stain the bath or skin when used in this way Then I added iridescent snow flakes like these to the water.  We use a  mesh bath strainer when adding things like this to the bath.  They have them at The Dollar Tree.

I also tossed in imitation snowflakes purchased from The Dollar Tree.  Then I made shaving cream peaks on top of the waters surface and embellished them with facial features to create melting snowmen.  To make the facial features I used craft foam scraps we had left over from our Build a Frosty.

Winter Activities for Kids

Aren't they adorable?  

Melting Snowman Play

Once the bath was set up I quickly covered the walls with foam snowflake shapes and whipped up a batch of Winter Ice Paint.  While we made this paint for bath time it would be fun ANYTIME!

Shivery Ice Paint Recipe

To make Sparkly Winter Ice Paint you will need:
  • Shaving cream
  • Blue food coloring
  • Fine shaved ice chips- I made these using my blender but you could also crush ice in a plastic bag
  • Iridescent glitter or buffalo snow - to add a little more sparkle

Mix the shaving cream with a couple drops of blue food coloring in a bowl.  Top the paint off with icy chips and snow.  You can also add wintry scents like peppermint or even eucalyptus if your child has a cold.   I skipped adding scent this time but normally we do just like we did for our scented candy cane paint.

This was what the bath looked like when the girls walked in

Winter Activities for Kids

This bath was filled with wonderful sensory exploration!

Winter Activities for Kids

As the girls played and explored with the shaving cream snowmen they melted into the water more and more

Winter Activities for Kids

 As the shaving cream and water mixed, many new textures were created!  They loved exploring them all!

They also loved the bath paint!  Rosie especially loved the feeling of the ice and shaving cream together!

This bath was lots of fun for the girls and lended itself to lots of sensory exploration!  Once bath time was over all the mess washed right down the drain too, always a bonus!  All I had to do was give the girls a quick bath to get rinsed clean and it was off to bed.

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  Frosty the Snowman Bath

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