Scented Bubble Painting & Bath Art

Have you ever let your little ones paint their bath bubbles?  It is such a fun activity and one we return to often.  You can read all about how we painted our bath bubbles using Colorations washable liquid watercolors here.  Today, we added a fun twist to this activity by using scented liquid watercolors.  

Scented Bubble Painting

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For this fun bath time you will first need to make a batch of Kool-aid watercolors.  Making Kool-aid scented watercolors couldn't be easier!  Simply pour a packet of Kool-aid into an empty spray bottle, add water, and shake it up!  We made four Kool-aid flavors this time so the girls would have a variety of colors to create their bubble art with.

Scented liquid watercolors- grape, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and orange

I used two packets of Kool-aid for each spray bottle because I wanted more vibrant colors, but it isn't necessary.  The only other thing I needed to do for this activity was fill the tub with heaps of bubbles.

To get lots of bubbles, we use the cheap stuff and just use a lot of it!

Both girls had lots of  fun painting beautiful works of art on the canvas of bubbles

Since we use these easy trigger sprayers, even little Jewel is able to participate in this activity

Spraying the bottles is excellent for fine motor development

The colors of our homemade scented watercolors were pretty vibrant, too!

And once the girls were done all the mess washed right down the drain!  The watercolors did not stain the bath or skin.  However, if you are concerned please test a portion of your own tub before giving your little ones free rein.  

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