A New Way to Make Paint

We have found all kids of ways to make sensory paints, including many bath paints.  We have added spices, Kool-aid, jello, and glitter.  We have made it sparkle and glow!  We have even added ice chips for a super sensory ice paint.  So when Play Create Explore discovered this new way to make rice I knew the new ingredient would also make perfect paints!

New Paint Recipes

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We made bath paints here but you can make all sorts of paints!  This paint recipe is no different than the many others we have created- the only difference is the use of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations in place of other scents like Kool-aid or spices.   To make the paints below just follow the directions for our Pumpkin Spice Paint only use the Frosting Creations in place of the spice.  One packet is all you need for each paint.

  The Big Difference- 
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations offers lots of fun and exciting NEW bath paint scents:  

Cotton Candy
Recipe- To make or cotton candy paint we used shaving cream, one packet of  cotton candy frosting powder, and pink glitter just to make it pretty.  I also added a few drops of blue food coloring.  It isn't necessary though as the frosting powder does color the shaving cream.

Bubble Gum

The bubble Gum Recipe-  one packet of bubble gum frosting creations, shaving cream, and glitter

Strawberry Shortcake
Recipe- shaving cream, strawberry shortcake frosting powder, glitter, and a touch of red food coloring

Chocolate Marshmallow
Recipe- shaving cream, chocolate marshmallow frosting powder, chocolate extract for the brown swirls of color, and a bit of hot cocoa powder sprinkled on top

Minty Chocolate Chip
Recipe-  shaving cream, mint chocolate frosting powder, green food coloring, cocoa powder on top

Orange Cream 
Recipe-  shaving cream, orange cream frosting powder, topped with glitter

There are more Duncan Hines Frosting Creations flavors too that we have yet to try!

Note-  Unscented shaving cream works best but you can also use regular shaving cream and two packets of powder instead of one (to cover the scent).  If your children are in the mouthing stage I would wait to introduce these paints.  They smell AMAZING- however, children can easily pick up not to eat these types of paints, especially if they sample them.  They do not taste good at all- as for my girls, it was a quick  lesson learned!  The frosting powders can also be added to tempera paint or any paint to make scented paints- our gingerbread paint is a perfect example.  

There are lots of other ways to use these paint recipes too- not just at bath time!  We have LOTS of ideas for in and out of the bath- stay tuned!

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Crystal Underwood

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