New Years Eve Bath

Here is a fun way for kids to celebrate the new year!
New Years Eve Bath for Kids- how FUN!!! This bath even has a balloon drop. What a fun way for kids to celebrate!
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New Years PARTY Bath

Most of the materials used for this bath were purchased at The Dollar Tree last year.  We used them for lots of activities then, and I just saved the supplies to reuse this year.  Anything not purchased from The Dollar Tree was purchased at Party City and was very inexpensive.  As I filled the bath I added a few drops of purple food coloring to the water.  It comes in the neon food coloring pack which can be purchased at Walmart or most major grocery stores.   Food coloring does not stain the bath or skin when used in this way.  Then I added confetti, glitter, and beads to the water.

New Years Eve activity for kids

The water was so pretty!  Note- we use a mesh bath strainer when adding things like confetti to our bath water.  

 I hung a new years banner.  All I had to do was get it wet and it stuck right to the bath walls.  I blew up balloons and set out party hats, horns, and noise makers for the girls to play with and explore.  I also whipped up a batch of New Years Eve Party Paint!

New Years Eve Activities for Kids

To make New Years Eve Party Paint you will need:

~  Shaving cream
~  Food coloring (we used neon purple)
~  Glitter and confetti
~  Scent (if desired)

Mix a few drops of food coloring into a bowl of shaving cream.  Add scent if desired.  I added a few drops of vanilla extract to make the paint smell like cake.  As far as Ally is concerned every party must have cake!  If adding scent to your paint unscented shaving cream is preferable.  Then finish the paint off with glitter and confetti!

New Years Eve

 I put together a balloon drop over the bath for one last finishing touch!

New Years Eve activity for kids

For this I used a dollar store table cloth and scotch tape.  When it was time to let the balloons fall I simply pulled the single piece of tape I used to hold the one side.  I used more tape to secure the other side.

DIY balloon drop for New Years Eve

This balloon drop could easily be set up in various locations- it is not limited to bath time.  I actually plan to set one up over out couch on New Years Eve.

Here is what the bath looked like when the girls walked in!

New Years Eve Party Bath

They had so much fun partying in celebration of the upcoming new year!

New Years Eve

They painted, made lots of noise, tossed balloons around, gathered beads, and splashed around in the confetti filled water!  This New Years Eve Party Bath is a truly fun way for small children to get their party on in celebration of the new year!

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