20 Simple Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

 I have recently had a few readers tell me that they love our bath times but could never find the time to create them themselves.  This got me thinking...... For some bath times I really do go all out, putting a bit of extra time into their creation, but there are lots of super simple ways to make bath time fun!  I don't want mama's thinking they need a lot of time to make bath time special for their child.  So I have gathered 20 simple ways to make bath time fun!

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These bath times even the busiest mama can find time to put together!

Note- Below each simple bath there is a way to extend the activity for nights when you have more time!

Food Coloring
Simply adding a few drops of food coloring to the bath water adds such a fun element to bath time. It only takes a moment and washes right down the drain.  Note- using food coloring in this way will not stain your bath or child.  We buy our food coloring from The Dollar Tree in a four pack of primary colors.

For nights when you have a little more time on your hands- Don't stop at the food coloring.  Create a color themed bath like this red color bath.  This is a great way to teach young children their colors and is great fun!


Do you have ice in your freezer?  Grab a few cubes and toss into the bath with your little one.  They will delight in chasing it around the tub which is great for tracking and fine motor.  A simple way to extend this is to prepare a tray of colored ice before bath time by adding a few drops of food coloring before freezing the cubes.

Extend this even further- freeze objects in the colored ice cubes for your child to discover as the ice melts like our spooktacular ice play 

 bath time

Cups and Bowls
Grab a couple cups or bowls from the kitchen before you head up for bath time.  Measuring cups are lots of fun.  You can even purchase a whole measuring cup set at The Dollar Tree to reserve just for the bath!  Any safe, pour-able containers will add a fun element to the bath.  

On a day your not so busy or are stuck in the house with a restless child- Make a water wall like this one from Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Bath time water wall

Bath paint
Making up a batch of bath paint only takes a minute and kids love it!  To make your own bath paint all you need is shaving cream and food coloring.  You can whip up one color or a whole batch.  Simply mix a few drops of food coloring into the shaving cream and that's it!

Extend this activity and make scented bath paint.  It only takes a moment longer and is so much fun!  Some scented bath paints we have made:
Another fun way to extend this activity- make GLOWING bath paint!

Glowing bath paint

Toss some blocks into the bath with your child.  Presenting an old toy in a new way creates a new interest and encourages the imaginative process.  


It does not have  to be blocks of course.  Toss in any toys that are not normally a part of bath time to add a fun element to bath play.

A Strainer
Give your child a strainer in the bath and watch them delight in making rain over and over again.  This couldn't be more simple and it is SO MUCH FUN!  

Extend this activity and create a sky themed sensory bath!

Washable Markers
I know that they sell bath crayons and markers in stores but those really aren't necessary.   You can simply toss in washable markers that you already have on hand.  Just be sure that they are washable and you are good to go!  Little ones will have a blast coloring all over the walls and tub, and once bath time is over, all the mess will wash right down the drain.  We have never had a problem with staining but if you ever do, don't worry.  A spray bottle of bleach and water will take care of it!

Extend this activity and set up a creative art bath station.  This is especially great for a rainy day! We have done this activity several times and it always keeps my girls busy for quite a while.  

Art Bath
The photos are priceless too!

Foam Shapes
Foam shapes can be found at any craft store, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree.  When wet they magically stick to walls like bath stickers that your child can peel and stick over and over again! 

Extend this activity and create and inspire art like these pumpkin faces or this Christmas tree.  You can also easily transform foam shapes into fun learning games.

Apple Bath Time fun

It is no secret that little ones love balloons.  Chasing them around at bath is ultimate balloon fun!  All you need to do is blow up a few balloons and toss them in the tub.  You could also add water to a few.  Make it a fun lesson in Science and have a few that sink and a few that float.  

Party Bath

Extend this activity and use balloons to create a birthday party bath or a fun and educational bath time.  Read all about our number learning bath here.  

Early Learning Party Bath

A Spray Bottle
Fill a spray bottle with water and watch your little one delight in spraying the walls, the bubbles, & himself.  Kids love spray bottles and giving a child one at bath time is a great way to let them explore freely without worrying about them getting furniture or other things wet.  

Extend this activity and let your little one have fun painting the bath bubbles with liquid watercolors!

bubble bath time painting fun
Everything washes right down the drain after!

Glow Sticks
Toss a few glow sticks in the bath and turn out the lights!  This is a super simple way to create super bath time fun!  A simple way to extend this activity is to add balloons with glow sticks inside.

Extend the glow bath concept even further and create a themed  Outer Space Bath!  This one will have the whole room aglow!

Glowing Bath Water

Grow Magical Capsules 
Grow magical capsules can be found at the Dollar Tree and Walmart.  They are tiny capsules that disintegrate to reveal fun foam sponge shapes like animals or cars.  My girls love them!

Submersible LED Lights
Submersible LED Lights are so fun for the bath!  We buy ours at Walmart in the floral section for just $5.

Extend this activity and set up a deep sea dive for lost treasure in the bath!  Rosie loved this and it really tapped into her imagination.

Glowing bath water bath time fun

Fizzing Bath Tablets-
 Fizzing Bath Tablets make a great alternative for those uncomfortable with using food coloring.  We use them often and they are FUN!  They fizz as they dissolve in the water.  

Place a radio or CD player right outside the bathroom and let your little one jam out to some music while they splash around in the tub!  It's a simple way to make bath time a little fun and exciting! 

Read a Book Aloud
Take story time to the bath and read a few books while your children are bathing.  This is especially great on nights when time is short- you can still quickly squeeze in their story time. 

Extend this activity and create a themed storybook bath like our Goodnight Moon Bath!

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath Time

Spouted Jug
Place a spouted jug in the bath for little ones to play with.  This is simple and so fun for kids!

Simple Baths


20 simple ways to make bath time fun!
for the Busy Mama
Simple Baths

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