Bath Time Science Lab

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Bath Activities for Kids and In Lieu of Preschool!

This week's learning theme is Science!

Bath Time Science Lab
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This Bath Time Science Lab was SO FUN!

The bath is a great place to explore with messy Science because everything washes right down the drain.  Our Science lab consisted of four fun experimental activities.

Experiment #1- Bubble Science
Science Lab

For the Bubble Bath Science Activity you will need:

~  Bubble Bath
~  A shallow container (we used a pie pan)
~  Food coloring (we used Neon green for the Mad Science look)
~  A straw

Cover the bottom of the pie pan with about 1/2 inch of bubble bath solution.  Add a few drops of food coloring and a touch of water and stir.  Use the straw to explore with blowing bubbles. 

Bath Time Science Lab

How big can your child blow the bubbles?  What makes them pop?  What causes the bubbles to form?

Bubble Bath Experiment for Kids

The neon green food coloring gave this bubble experiment a wonderful mad Science feel!

Be sure and tell your children to blow out and not suck in.  Rosie accidentally sucked in once.  She didn't like the part too much.

The Science behind the bubbles can be found here along with ideas for other questions to ask during the experiment.


Experiment #2- Bubble Bath Eruptions
Bath Time Science Lab

We have explored with baking soda and vinegar in so many ways but this has to be our favorite so far!

For Bubble Bath Eruptions you will need:

~  Bubble Bath of your choice
~  Baking soda
~  Vinegar
~  Food coloring and/or glitter (if desired)

Line the bottom of a cup or container with baking soda.  Add a few drops of food coloring, glitter, and  bubble bath.  Then pour vinegar over top.

baking soda and vinegar

We did this experiment over and over until we were out of vinegar.

Volcanic eruptions- baking soda and vinegar experiment

The bubble bath makes the eruptions last a really long time.  It also makes them move more slowly, allowing for more time to observe the reaction between the acid and base.

Bath Time Science Lab

Bubble bath eruptions are very different from normal baking soda eruptions.  The more bubble bath you add the more FUN the eruptions are!  

The Science behind the fun of baking soda and vinegar reactions can be found here.


Experiment #3- Bubble Bath Milk Experiment
Magic Milk Experiment- Bath Time Science Lab

This was such a fun twist on the magic milk experiment!

For the Bubble Bath Magic Milk Experiment you will need:

~  Whole Milk or half and half
~  Food coloring- we used neon colors
~  A popsicle stick or similar object
~  Bubble Bath
~  A shallow dish

Line the bottom of a shallow dish with milk.  We used a clear pie pan.  Add food coloring drops to the outer surface of the pie pan like this.  

Bath Time Science Lab
(You can also add glitter if desired - this photo is from our Santa Science Lab and we added glitter.)

Dip the popsicle stick in bubble bath and then stick it directly in the middle of the milk pan.   The colors will immediately begin to swirl and spin together. 

Bath Time Science Lab

We started with two colors but Rosie wanted to add more as we went along.

Bath Time Science Lab

If your magical milk  begins to lose momentum, simply dip the popsicle stick in bubble bath and the fun begins all over again!

The Science behind the fun can be found here!


Experiment #4-  Bubbling GOOP!
Bath Time Science Lab

How fun is bubbling GOOP?  

This was completely experimental.  I did not know how our bubble bath GOOP would turn out.  It ended up being so FUN!

To make Bubbling GOOP you will need:

~  Bubble bath of your choice
~  Corn starch
~  Glitter and/or food coloring (optional)

Line a small dish or pan with corn starch.  Set a cup of bubble bath (dyed with food coloring if desired) next to the corn starch with a few pipettes and let your child create bubbling GOOP!

Bath Time Science Lab

Goop recipe

Bubbling Goop recipe

This Bubbling GOOP is so fun!  It has a different texture than normal goop but it still changes from liquid to solid depending on how it is handled.  As you play with it, tiny bubbles form throughout the GOOP.  If your hand is covered in GOOP and you slowly separate your fingers bubbles form all along your hands webbing.

Bath Time Science Lab

  It was so fun experimenting to see what bubble bath and corn starch would combine to create.  We will definitely be exploring often with this Bath Time GOOP and we will be bringing Science to bath time much more often too!  This Bath Time Science Lab was just way too FUN!

Bath Time Science Lab

Note- Once bath time was over Rosie took a quick bath to get clean!  All the mess from the activities washed right down the drain too!

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