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 I am Crystal of Growing A Jeweled Rose 

I first began sharing themed sensory baths on Growing a Jeweled Rose and they grew so popular I sought to dedicate a whole site to these fun play times.  Since we first introduced the concept of themed baths many other types of bath activities have evolved from them.

What is Bath Activities for Kids?  

Bath Activities for Kids is a very creative and unique children's site packed with fun and educational activities for kids!  Why not make the once daily necessity of bathing a fun and magical time for kids?  Don't just give them a bath- give them a lifetime of cherished memories and photos.  It's easy with Bath Activities for Kids.com

All of the activities shared here can easily be modified for out of bath play as well.  While we enjoy exploring in the bath,  these experiments, art projects, sensory play times, and learning activities can easily be modified to suit your own style of play.

What type of activities can you expect to find?

 We have broken the site down by category to make it easier to find what you might be looking for:

~  Educational-  early learning, Science, Math, Literacy, and Culture
~  Imaginative-  under this category you will find storybook baths, fantasies brought to life, and fabulous
     pretend play times
~  Holiday-  make holiday memories that are extra special with themed holiday baths
~  Busy Mama- simple ways to make bath time fun- these bath times even the busiest mama has time for
~  Arts- baths that foster the arts and nurture the creative process- all while containing any mess!
~  Messy- sensory activities and other messy bath time projects- messy play that is easy to clean up!
~  Glowing-  Glow in the Dark bath times & Black light explorations
~  Tips & Tricks-  We learn a lot of things along the way.  Here you can find tips and tricks for 
    making bath time fun!  

Do you have a fun bath time you'd like to share?

Bath Activities for Kids is open to guest posts.  If you are interested in a guest post opportunity email us at bathactivitiesforkids@gmail.com.  We look forward to showcasing your unique and creative playtimes and we challenge you all to take bath time to new and daring places!  

Advertising/PR inquiries- please email us at bathactivitiesforkids@gmail.com .

All other questions are welcome and comments are always appreciated!

More about Crystal

Crystal is the writer and creator of Growing A Jeweled Rose, a play based website packed full of fun and creative playtimes for children.  Crystal is currently staying home with her two small children, Jewel and Rosie, and strives to make the most of her time with them by providing fun and enriching activities!  She strongly believes in the value and importance of play and that childhood should be a magical time in life.  Drop by Growing A Jeweled Rose for tons of fun and educational activities for kids or  connect through FacebookPinterestTwitter, or Google+.

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Crystal Underwood

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