Early Learning Party Bath

We are so excited to introduce the Wash & Learn mini-series here on Bath Activities for Kids today!  What began as a collaboration between Growing A Jeweled Rose and In Lieu of Preschool has now shifted to become a joint venture between Bath Activities for Kids and  In Lieu of Preschool.

Early learning

For the next three Monday's we will each share a fun and educational bath time.  The bath times shared will be geared towards a different learning theme each week with this weeks learning theme being numbers/ math.  

Wash & Learn- Number Learning Balloon Party Bath
Early learning number fun
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Most kids love balloons and adding them to bath time is so fun!  Rosie loved the birthday party bath we made for her second birthday back in February so I thought it would be fun to recreate this bath time, only this time adding a fun educational element to our play.  

I took a package of balloons I purchased from The Dollar Tree and blew up twelve - two of each color.  Each colored balloon was representative of a different number.  I chose to focus on numbers 1-6 so as not to overwhelm two year old Rosie.  

Early Learning Party Bath

I hid tiny objects inside half of the balloons, being sure to match the number of objects hidden to the number on the balloon.  

Early Learning Party Bath

To add another fun element of play I colored the water red.  I also embellished the walls with numbered craft foam shapes and used a bath crayon to draw the numbers on the side of the tub.  This is what the Early learning number bath looked like when Rosie walked in.

Early Learning Party Bath

Rosie was so excited!  
Early Learning Party Bath

This was such a fun way for her to begin exploring the concept of numbers!
Early Learning Party Bath
Counting the numbers- six sixes 

After Rosie counted each number on the balloon I would have her guess how many objects were hidden inside.  Then I used scissors to pop the balloons, revealing the objects inside.  

Rosie collected the objects from each balloon into piles.  This was perfect for later illustrating the difference in each number and really helped give her a clear visual illustration.

We used small objects in the balloons like pom poms, small foam cubes, and pig tail holders.  To get the objects in the balloon, simply stretch the balloon around each object one by one.  Then blow them up!

Caution-  this activity requires close adult supervision.  Balloons are a choking hazard.  Please watch children closely and quickly collect any popped balloon bits.  It is also a good idea to talk to your child about balloon safety prior to play. As long as balloon activities are facilitated by a watchful adult they are LOTS of fun! 

Rosie loved this early learning party bath!  It was simple to put together and was a great way to foster a lifetime love of learning! 

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