Bath Paint Recipes Collection

Have you ever whipped up a batch of bath paint?  It is amazing how something so simple can provide so much entertainment.  When I made my very first batch I had no idea how much fun my girls would have..... or how many ideas would develop from that first play time.  There are so many ways  to play with bath paint- so many simple recipes.  Here I have collected 10 but the possibilities are endless!

Bath Paint- 10 Ways
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I first saw the standard shaving cream bath paint recipe on Meet The Dubiens and tried it immediately!

It was such great fun we didn't stop there.  We kept going and going.......

One of the first twists we put on the traditional recipe was to make it glow.  We love glowing play and this was SO MUCH FUN!

Then we added scent to it with Pumpkin Scented Bath Paint

Pumpkin scented bath paint and bath time

The scented bath paint was such a hit that we kept trying different things.

Followed by Kool-aid Bath Paint

Kool-aid bath paint recipe

For this one all you have to do is mix one packet of Kool-aid into a bowl of shaving cream.  The whole room will smell amazing!  If you are using a smaller amount of shaving cream do not use the whole packet.  Too much kool-aid will make the shaving cream lose it's fluff a little.  Even with less fluff this is tons of fun though.  It's not at all sticky and washes straight away after play!  Feel free to add 
a bit of extra color for more vibrant colors.

Kool-aid paint led to  Rainbow Skittle Paint which also smells AMAZING!

Paint the rainbow!

The above recipes all use shaving cream, but there are tons of ways to make bath paint without using shaving cream, too!  One of Rosie and Jewel's favorites is this simple bubble bath paint recipe

Baby Bath Paint

Another fun bath paint is bathtub puffy paint like this from Chalk in my Pocket

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots made a fun Talcum Powder Paint that we can't wait to try

While bath paints are much easier to wipe off walls and actually act as a cleaning agent, washable tempera paint also wipes clean very easily and makes a great paint for bath time.  Why not save yourself a few minutes and just give your little one a bit of washable paint and a brush?

You could extend that by setting up a whole creative art station.  My girls LOVED it and all the mess washed right down the drain!

There are so many more possibilities, too!  You could make gingerbread bath paint with cinnamon or candy cane bath paint for Christmas.  

Candy Cane Christmas paint recipe

We have lots of other creative bath recipe ideas to share.  Connect with us so you don't miss the FUN!

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